Hymnal of a Troubled Man's Mind - Oliver Anthony Music

Hymnal of a Troubled Man's Mind ☆ Popular

Artista(s): Oliver Anthony Music

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2024-03-31
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18
  • Album Price: 9.99
  • ℗ 2024 Oliver Anthony Music

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Oliver Anthony Music Hymnal of a Troubled Man's Mind Tracklist

Title Artist Time
From Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 (I Oliver Anthony Music 0:14
Rich Man's Gold Oliver Anthony Music 2:20
From Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 (I Oliver Anthony Music 0:18
Doggonit Oliver Anthony Music 3:50
I've Got to Get Sober Oliver Anthony Music 4:02
From Ecclesiastes Chapter 4 Oliver Anthony Music 0:27
Cobwebs and Cocaine Oliver Anthony Music 2:40
From Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Oliver Anthony Music 1:20
Hell on Earth Oliver Anthony Music 2:56
From Matthew Chapter 24 Oliver Anthony Music 1:18
I Want to Go Home Oliver Anthony Music 3:21
Feeling Purdy Good Oliver Anthony Music 2:45
From Proverbs Chapter 3 Oliver Anthony Music 0:40
Always Love You Like a Good Ol Oliver Anthony Music 3:46
From Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 Oliver Anthony Music 0:41
VCR Kid Oliver Anthony Music 3:54
From Matthew Chapter 10 Oliver Anthony Music 0:27
Momma's Been Hurting Oliver Anthony Music 3:43

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Reviews: Oliver Anthony Music

  • Great

    By J diesel 5
  • Blessed

    By CindyWindy007
    Greatly enjoying this album. Thanks
  • Fantastic

    By Jayboy 1115
    Only gets better from here
  • Real and Genuine

    By Breathoflife95
    This man is such a blessing to us today. He is just so real. His courage is God-given and his talent is unmistakable. He seems to be making a plight with this fallen world to” straighten up and fly right.” This music is good for my weary soul. He gives us hope in a day and time in which much has escaped this place. The fact that he got famous overnight is another indication of God’s grace… couldn’t have happened to a better fellow. God bless you and your family. I love your music!
  • Wow

    By ajaxtheformula
    Best country album of 2024 so far !
  • Top Notch

    By thegrungeboy
    I hadn’t even seen anything about this coming out, I wonder why? This is just real music with real soul and life on it. Great low key production.
  • Cuts Straight to the Soul

    By Vola’s Girl
    I’m in my 60s and I don’t remember any singer touching my soul the way his music does!!!
  • Awesome

    By surfadict
    Praise God
  • look closely

    By AwesomeMcAwesomeMan
    For all of Us Citizens who Know Just One job is not Enough for ends meet, this is a Breath of Incredibly fresh air. Dont get me wrong, Everyones Naturally got All different tastes, but Nowadays the feeling Doesn’t always come from music, sometimes Feelings emerge As a result of Gritty work and the Soul in music. Anthony’s music Never Disappoints and Never stops Intriguing my palette. i’m Grateful that God sent this Extraordinary musician to us; and Rightfully So, it’s about time we got it.
  • Music with impact

    By Ichthus94
    This is the raw talent and songwriting that modern country lost. I tend to listen to more folk now and Chris wraps the best of it in one album. Keep on writing and singing the thoughts we all have Chris. God bless.