Jupiter's Diary: 7 Day Theory - Rod Wave

Jupiter's Diary: 7 Day Theory ☆ Popular

Artista(s): Rod Wave

  • Genre: Rap
  • Release Date: 2022-11-18
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8
  • Album Price: 9.99
  • ℗ 2022 Alamo Records, LLC/Sony Music Entertainment

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Rod Wave Jupiter's Diary: 7 Day Theory Tracklist

Title Artist Time
Break My Heart Rod Wave 2:49
Got It Right Rod Wave 3:34
The Answer Is No Rod Wave 2:36
Jupiter's Diary Rod Wave 2:27
Love Overdose Rod Wave 2:22
MJ Story Rod Wave 2:39
Just Sing Rod Wave 2:45
Don't Need Rod Wave 2:12

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Reviews: Rod Wave

  • Goat

    By Yungin615_
  • I’m dying because of bad reviews!!!

    By the cool kid124
    I can’t believe people are bad mouthing this man I just don’t believe this I mean come on now y’all really go to do this to my man rodwave like come on were better than this like keep the negative comments to yourselves like why make so difficult! Bro rodwave don’t look at these trash comments from people who can’t do the same stuff or can’t sing better than you don’t listen to people who don’t listen to music and have no souls whatsoever. I feel sorry for y’all! And also there’s nothing bad about this mans music. What’s wrong with y’all? Hate how you know that these people have absolutely no taste in R&B or rap at all! Don’t trash talk anyone if you can’t rap or sing the same way that this man can!
  • Why does every artist sound exactly the same?

    By RealAk4774
    Auto-tuned to death. The lyrics are so incredibly dumb. Seriously, how is this even a thing?!
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    By The Screaming Skittle
    Rod wave 🌊 delivered on this one but honestly, would it kill you to make a clean 🧼 version?
  • Auto-Tuned Garbadge

    By Hamwhipper
    from someone who can't write lyrics with more depth than the ingredients on a water bottle.
  • 🐐

    By calimamay
    I love it 💕! He never fails !
  • Rod wave is great

    By Jeremykllingbeil
    Best rapper to enter the game since 2010
  • He’s back n it’s November 🫶🏽

    By 💯review
    Like he said If you can’t feel his pain his music ain’t for you anyway I’ll see you at the concert Rod 💯
  • This Alumb is trash i hate it

    By kylie36790
    I hate it trash
  • Amazing and touching album

    By thisappsucks2089
    As usual Rod Wave delivers another touching album pulling all the strings at your heart

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